本篇assignment代写-麦当劳的推广策略讲了推广策略必须考虑当地的文化、习俗和传统。同时,它还必须有强大的广告。麦当劳总是选择正确的时间发布自己的广告。麦当劳的广告主要采用平面广告和媒体广告两种形式。麦当劳的电视广告善于将情感元素融入到产品推广中,使其获得中国消费者的认可在于。使特色产品与亲情、爱情、友情联系在一起,让人们享受晚餐的美好时光。本篇assignment代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Promotion strategy must take into account the local culture, customs and traditions. At the same time, it must have a strong advertising as well. McDonald’s always chooses the right time to release its own ads (George, W. R., 2005, pp. 65-70). McDonald’s advertising mainly adopts the two forms of plane advertisement and media advertisement. The McDonald’s television ads are good at integrating the emotional elements into the product promotion, which enables it to obtain the recognition of Chinese consumers lies in. It makes the feature products associated with affection, love, and friendship, and let people enjoy a great moment in having dinner. And in the plane advertisement design, McDonald’s emphasized the inviting and delicious food, with an attempt to catch customers’ eyes and stimulate their desires through showing them the attractive appearance of the listed delicious food. Posters and newspaper advertising are commonly used to promote new products. Its advantages lies in: firstly, the products are directly displayed in front of consumers. They clearly and concisely communicate to the consumers about the information that the enterprise wants to convey, and let the brand firmly embedded in people’s mind. Secondly, it touches consumers through visual stimulation and hook up customer’s appetite and desire so as to achieve the purpose of sales promotion.


  McDonald’s enterprise occupies a very important position in China. In conformance with the localization of Chinese recipes and to enlarge its market share in China, it has adopted and launched different strategies, including the products strategy, pricing strategy, channel strategy and promotion strategy to attract customers. Now the consumers are paying more and more attention to healthy eating. Therefore, constantly launching different kinds of healthy food is really a good choice for its further development in Chinese market.