The Globalization as well as the Glocalisation of the Korean Drama is assessed as follows.
Korean dramas have achieved immense popularity and has gained tremendous importance all throughout Asia. The Korean Drama ‘Winter Sonata’ is the very first one to have achieved remarkable success amongst the Japanese viewers. Because of this success the broadcast partners NHK, were also encouraged to air and showcase concerts of Korean musicians, which was also indeed a huge success as expected. These events have dramatically changed the opinions of Japanese towards Koreans, and all the previous animosity dissolved slowly till it was completely eliminated and transformed into appreciation by the Japanese (DH Lee, 2004). The Korean drama programs alone have positively revolutionized the perceptions and notions that other Asian countries had about Korean to the extent that the Korean Dramas alone were being able to attract tourists in large number from Japan. In China however, the Korean dramas gained recognition and popularity only by 2006, nevertheless, the success attained was so high that the number of Korean Drama programs being broadcasted outnumbered all other programs of foreign languages and origin. The Korean dramas inculcated interest amongst the people in Hong Kong at around the same time. The first popular hit in Hong Kong was ‘Endless Love’, which was a four part series. Another series namely ‘Dae Jang Geum’ became so popular that it became the most high rated series in television media history of Hong Kong. Another series which achieved comparable success was ‘Moonlight Resonance’. The popularity of Korean Dramas in Hong Kong also led to a significant increase in tourists from Hong Kong to Korea (SS Kim, 2005).
In Thailand, the Korean drama ‘Dae Jang Geum’ again, gained recognition and applaud. The favorable media export laws and policies of Thailand further encouraged the widespread of Korean drama throughout the country and in August 2004 a Cultural cooperation agreement was also signed between the two countries.
In Philippines, the broadcast network GMK became the first to broadcast the Korean dramas, Bright Girl’ and ‘My Love Cindy’ on the local television network. Later on, GMK, confident with the success achieved in broadcast of these dramas, started to import other Korean dramas as well. Another broadcast network ABS-CBN, later showcased many Korean dramas and witnessed a similar success. Some of the prominent Korean dramas broadcasted by ABS-CBN network include ‘The Truth’, ‘Lovers in Paris’, ‘Memories of Bali’ and ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ (SY Lin, 2006).
Despite being a huge success in the Asian television industry, Korean dramas have not yet achieved the similar recognition and success in the western countries such as United states of America and Latin America. The main drawback is the lesser population of Korean ethnic groups in these geographic locations, low quality of production and English subtitles. Nevertheless, the Korean Dramas which have been successfully translated in English have achieved some success in several parts of the United States of America. Recently several fan clubs have been formed by lovers and connoisseurs of the Korean films and Drama in major cities of USA, some of which include– New York, Houston etc. With this movement the Korean dramas have also penetrated in areas of Puerto Rico and have gained popularity there too (DA Kister, 1997).