– Provide a background description of the current state of affairs
Deforestation is a great concern in the present world. The current situation is that due to rising population, the forests are being destroyed to make place for the people. The trees are cut which is our main source of oxygen. Earlier many dense forests existed but in the current times, there are only few dense forests left. This also has an adverse effect on the wildlife. The animals are not able to survive since forests are decreasing. Many of the variety of the animals are on the verge of being extinct and deforestation would aid this.
– Explain what you expect to develop or occur — and why
With the current trend of forests being destroyed, the day is not far when there would be only few forests. There would be a big problem of preserving wildlife as well. With the ever increasing population, there would be more and more land needed to accommodate them. This would result in cutting down of the forests and making room for them to live. Nature and humans should co-exist but when humans dominate nature, then there lies the whole problem. The balance can never be regained (Achard et al, 2002).