本篇essay代写-澳大利亚土著人的问题讲了许多土著人住在澳大利亚非常偏远的地区。这种近距离和偏远的问题为人们制造了许多障碍,因为人们发现这限制了获得必要的服务。其中包括卫生服务和教育机构(Nguyen & Cairney, 2013)。它减少了就业机会。这些必然会导致事件的恶性循环。本篇essay代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Many of the indigenous people live in very remote areas of Australia. This proximity and remoteness issues create many hurdles for the people as it is found to limit access to the necessary services. These include health services and educational institutions (Nguyen & Cairney, 2013). It reduces the employment opportunities. These invariably lead to a negative cycle of events. The research on the health of the people in Australia indicates that the indigenous people have the worst health status and highest morality death rates. Most of the indigenous people in the societies are found to have the same access to the health care. The issue of trust also impacts the people in the medical industry and the social attitudes of the people. These are considered to be the reasons that have been identified for the poor health. This issue in the trust causes the people not to use the health mandates that are prescribed. The major challenges that the indigenous community faces are the negative social attitudes (Yeates et al., 2009). These have been done to create a comprehension of the non-indigenous people. They need to understand about the past and its impact in the current times. There is reconciliation that needs to be factored into this paradigm for the creation of a better indigenous culture and to foster better relationships with the people in the community.


  In 1967, referendum and highlighting issue related to the Australia’s indigenous people have been targeted. The people in the indigenous population do not trust the European system of governance. In spite of many efforts that have been taken by the government, the major concern of the Indigenous students is that they have lower retention rates and higher rates of absences. The people who have negative views of the government are found to be higher. These led the people to not continue education (Ziersch et al., 2011). There are numerous negative views from the indigenous people about the westerner people and they continue to impede the education process of the government. The negative view of the system of education is found to have led to the high unemployment among the people in the indigenous population. Although government has found many ways to fund the indigenous employment programs, there is still much more that the people need to achieve (Abbott et al., 2010). Skills need to be taught and the changes in the governmental processes need to be made aware to the people. In these heuristics, the unemployment becomes a condition that is passed onto many of the generations (Priest et al., 2011).

  It is evident that there is a need for a more holistic process to address the issues in this system. They have been explored in the following.