雖然在歷史時期也有過滅絕,但與近期的滅絕相比,這只是一個縮影。作者指出,近時間滅絕的證據發生在人類出現前後的時期,主要是偶發的(Haynes, 2005)。簡單地說,也可以說,當人類遍布不同的大陸時,許多原本是用來狩獵的動物滅絕了。




essay代寫 :哺乳動物滅絕的原因分析

The extinction of Dwarfs began around 5000 years ago. In the last 3000 years, a number of birds have been extinct which were unable to fly. In addition to this, a number of sails from various islands in remote pacific have become extinct. This includes around 200 different species related to vertebrates. This includes the extinction of Sea Cows and also the Lyall Wren who existed in the island of Bering Strait. A large number of ground nesting birds which used to exist in New Zealand were extinct because of the pacific rats.
Though there were extinctions in the Historical times as well, but that was in miniature in comparison to the near time extinctions. The author states that the evidence of near time extinctions which took place in the time period which was around the emergence of humans, majorly happened episodically (Haynes, 2005). Simply, it can also be stated that when the humans spread across different continents, a number of animals which were made for hunting, died out.
According to the archaeological record it can also be stated that the earliest human beings who had existed in the world were Clovis people. It was during this times, when two third of the species who existed in America died. Among these nations, the maximum extinction was faced by Mexico. The other nations which faced hugs extinction included Mexico, Central and Southern America. Parasites and Commensals were dead during this point of time. It can be assessed that a large number of extinction was because of over-hunting of these animals, the destruction of the habitat where they had existed or the introduction of such alienate environment which they were unable to survive.
The least suffering with respect to the same in the nearby time has been observed by Asia and Africa. This included the interactions which existed between the hominids and other African wildlife. Because of the coevolution of the world, there was enhancement of both the skills of humans and the defence skills of many species. Sometimes, Animal species survived as the humans established a closer relationship with them. The example of the same can be the use of camels and horses which were favourable for human beings.
Further, it can be analyzed that the extinction of dinosaurs is different from that of other mammals. Dinosaurs vanished in a small time period but mammals did gradually. Climate change and human activities are considered to be the primary reason for the extinction of mammals on earth.