本篇essay代写-当代人体珠宝的问题讲了本研究的主要目的是认识到人体珠宝的问题及其对使用者及其家人、朋友和社会的影响。除此之外,这项研究还试图提供一些实际的建议来支持解决这个问题。本篇essay代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Contemporary Issues in Body Jewelry

  The key aim of the research study is to recognize the issue of body jewelry and their impact on users and their families, friends as well as on societies. Apart from this, the research study has tried to furnish some practical recommendation that supports in combating with the issue.

  To meet the aim of the research study, the following objectives are recognized by the researcher:

  To identify the contemporary issue connected with body jewelry

  To identify the reason behind increasing popularity of the body jewelers that promotes various contemporary jewelries.

  To provide effective recommendation to the contemporary issue

  The use of jewelry is old tradition and practice among the people of different societies. From the ancient age, people use different types of jewelry. The jewelers use the human body as a concept and use the body as a direct object for the physical attachment of the jewelry. The German artist Katinka Kaskeline had sewn pearls into her skin by surgical intervention. The jewelry has become the associated part of the body. The body is raised up to the place of a canvas and the operation room becomes a theatre. The body jewelry is the contemporary traditions of jewelry, and it is practiced in various societies in the modern age (Cho 355-364). Decorating body is common and from the ancient age the tradition of body decorating has been carried out. Around 1970, the body seems to have a noticeable role in jewelry development (Edmunds 7). Around 70s, the hippy culture was flourishing and the body was being explored in new ways or rediscovered and the jewelry was being demarcated.