本篇essay代写-当前零售策略讲了考虑到上一节所讨论的竞争力和约束条件,零售策略的制定是非常重要的。零售商采用多种策略来提高消费者的整体零售体验,吸引更多的顾客到商店,增加商店的销售额。这个地区的零售商店采用了不同的策略。品牌陈列室和小型零售商的组合也在考虑之列。本篇essay代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Current Retail Strategies

  Retail strategy formulation is very important considering the competitiveness and constraints as discussed in the above section. The retailers employ a wide variety of strategies to improve the total retail experience of the consumers, attract more customers to the store and increase sales of the store. Different strategies have been employed by the retail stores in the region. Mixes of branded showrooms and small retailers have been considered.

  In Store Experience: The retail stores have also worked on in-store experience. For example, Myer’s has created sections for different brands with escalators giving different atmosphere altogether which the customers can associate their product with (Howard, 2016). It’s about creating environment that customers can enjoy and love to get associated with the brand.

  Products: Another strategy that is employed is the positioning of the products in the store. For example, the concept of shop-in-shops has been used. DKNY has been launched for Donna Karan and Sonia by Sonia Rykiel and M Missoni are the examples (Dynamic Business, 2005). This carry kudos and less price of their parent brands and creates a wide appeal. These are some of the innovative strategies that have been employed considering the design of the store layout.

  Some small stores have come near the location of Peter Alexander store which can be considered as parasite store as these have no strategies of their own and are dependent on the crowd of the store only.