本篇essay代写-环境与人类的关系讲了环境与人类的关系非常密切,各国的经济在很大程度上取决于其自然资源和地理位置。自然资源为国家提供了巨大的经济优势。此外,环境问题对国民经济产生了不利影响。在此背景下,环境金融的重要作用在于对环境问题给予足够的重视,从金融的角度看待问题,并试图解决问题,使问题得到妥善的处理。本篇essay代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Risk and uncertainty of water usage and changing management of the watershed

  The risks and the uncertainty regarding the water usage and the changing management of the watershed clearly describe the structure which has been developed for the South Esk catchment. The issues clearly describe the inappropriate activities that denote the erosion and the pollution of the waterways. The other issue that has been signified in this case is provided below:

  Loss of the phosphorus from the catchment during the flood that indicates the erosion of the sediments.

  Inappropriate maintenance and the enhancement of the quality of the habitat that leads to the creation of impact on the aquatic flora and fauna.

  Flow related issues and the impact on the upstream are seemed due to the flow related issues.

  Consequences of the flood plains and the marshes by the diversification of the habitat.

  Heavy metal contamination leads to the degradation of the creek stories which had been mentioned (Uslu, Özerler and Sayın, 2005).

  Contamination of the water by the continuation of the mining activities

  Maintaining the minimal waterway impacts the enhancement of the work and the impact on the exotic fishes can be easily illustrated as an impact.

  These are the risks and the uncertainties that are measured regarding the usage of the water and the change management process must be undertaken for the purpose of illustrating the framework of the classification made for the ecosystem.


  The environment is associated with the human being very strongly and the economy of the nations is greatly depending on their natural resources and geographical position. The natural resources provide substantial economic advantages to the nations. Moreover, the environmental issues drop adverse impact on the national economy. In this context, the environmental finance is important that helps in providing adequate emphasis on the environmental issue and looking the issue by the finance perspective and trying to sort out the issue, so that the issue can be managed properly. Hence, the economy is largely dependent on the environment of the nations. In this report, a Tasmanian river Macquarie has been taken, and the economy of the river has been analysed. As the explanations are provided in this report, the construction of the ecosystem enables the enhancement of the report. The construction of the ecosystem can be appropriately established by the enhancement of the work for the betterment of the system. The ecosystem describes the risks and the uncertainties that are enabled for the establishment. The construction of the work enhances the establishment of the appropriate ecosystem that is being constructed for the betterment of the environment.