本篇essay代写-欧足联面临的挑战讲了球迷对一种文化的了解,将导致采取的方法,需要采取。但在这种情况下,目标受众来自不同的文化和许多年龄的人口统计(霍普金斯和特德韦尔,2014)。足球运动受到大多数人的普遍喜爱,它为社区中的所有人提供娱乐。在这种情况下,目标受众就变成了任何对游戏感兴趣的人。欧足联应该创造的信息应该是一个简单的信息,达到所有观众(戴维斯和邓巴,2015)。本篇essay代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The fans knowledge of a culture would lead to the approach that needs to be taken. But in this case the target audience is from diverse cultures and is from many age demographics (Hopkins and Treadwell, 2014). The sport of football is universally preferred by the majority of the people and it provides entertainment for all the people in a community. In this situation the target audience becomes anyone who has interest in the game. The messages that UEFA should create should be a simple message that reaches out to all the audience (Davies and Dunbar, 2015). They cannot simply send out a message demonizing any group that would create more antagonism. They should have an inclusive policy where all the stakeholders are addresses.

  Since the target audience is of high volume the peer pressure in every group will be different. The values and norms are championed by the group identity. In this the case, the UEFA has the challenge of crafting a message that would resonate with all the groups from all backgrounds. A new football culture of inclusiveness should be created by the UEFA in spite of the political events in the world.

  These are some of the social message marketing issues that the company faces. A systematic academic review of the operation of the game has been done in the following. The rebranding efforts of UEFA to create a paradigm of inclusiveness have been explained in the following section.

  Rebranding efforts of UEFA

  UEFA team has used the principle tenets of social marketing to address these issues. The concept of social marketing in sports is to sell an ideology to the consumers about changing their attitude or behaviour. They use the same tenets of retail marketing to sell a particular concept to the public. Kotler defines this social marketing as a marketing aspect that differs only in the final objective of the concept that is being sold to the consumers. The social marketing efforts seek to influence the social behaviours to not benefit the marketer but to benefit the target audience and the society. This effort and initiatives often is to bring a social change in the society. UEFA had used the same tenets of social marketing to elucidate the positive impact it will have racism.

  UEFA football club has tried to create interventions to propose ways to handle racism and ensure that the enjoyment factor of the game is not affected. The simple message that was devised by the team is “No to Racism”