本篇essay代写-社会沟通的艺术讲了通过三年对艺术行业的研究和参观当代艺术画廊,我获得了一种顿悟。发现艺术在修饰效果上比艺术更容易找到,更容易引起观众的共鸣。在这些社会中,实用的艺术形式极少。毫无疑问,每个人对社会的看法都是不同的。他们通过自己的诠释在艺术作品中回荡着这种思想。然而,对于没有视觉夸张效果的内部内容,需要在当代主题中建立起艺术家与观众之间的桥梁。本篇essay代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Research question

  Studying for three years about the art industry and visiting contemporary art galleries gained an insight. It was found that it is easier to find art in embellished effect than art, which could resonate audience. Applied forms of arts are minimal in the societies. Unquestionably, people are unique and different based on their purviews of society. They reverberate this ideology within the art work by using their interpretation. How-ever, for internal content without visually exaggerated effect, there is a need to build a bridge between the artist and the audience in the contemporary theme. For inner content, it is not about conceptualizing art in fine art form. Rather art should be a tool for the artist to resonate with the society and look into the existing paradigms and conformities of the society. The purpose of this dissertation is to look into ways as to how artists can synchronize this simple fact of behaviors with human common experience in art practice.

  Purpose: The Possible Creativity in Artistic Way

  From personal perspective and individual events, it was found that diverse possibilities are there to assess the connection between artist and audience. There are several modalities of communicative elements that exist between the artist and the society. One of the possibilities that are worthy of probing is known as: “Socially Communicated Art”. To reiterate this ideology and to divulge into the details of this art form, Lee Mingwei and Francis Alys’s works have been used as references.

  There are two points that need clarification in the above-proposed term:

  Artist may consider concept of their experience relating to human and social phenomenon, such as philosophy, psychology and sociology. Meanwhile, the important thing is that the concept could be in common sense relating to everyday life.

  Purpose of art should be able to relate and interact with the audience. ‘Interaction’ here is not confined to physical interactive arts rather it encompasses the cerebral and emotional connection through various mediums like photography, dialogue, literature and sound to name a few.