本篇essay代写-中国出境旅游与中国旅游业讲了随着中国经济的持续增长,改革开放政策的进一步实施,人民收入的大幅度提高,近年来旅游业得到了前所未有的发展。庞大的出境游市场已经引起了全球多个旅游目的地的关注。国内市场一直保持着稳定的增长,但入境市场却出现了下滑。本篇essay代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Chinese outbound tourism and China tourism industry

  As the economy of China has been growing sustainably, the additional implementation of Opening-Up Policy and Reform, along with the substantially increasing personal income of people, there has been an unprecedented development of its tourism industry since recent years. The large outbound market has been drawing the attention of several tourism destinations across the globe. The domestic market has been keeping up with steady expansion, however, there has been a downturn in the inbound market. Some of the possible reasons for this downturn will be discussed ahead.

  First, because of the appreciation of RMB and fluctuation in the rate of exchange, the cost of travelling to China has been increasing and a number of potential visitors have started to turn towards other tourism destinations. Second, the recession being faced by American and European countries have been leading people for spending less money to travel while American and European guests make key contribution of a large share of inbound market across the nation. Third, there is lack of competitiveness and novelty in travel products and itineraries. Fourth, in comparison with other nations, the authorities of China put in less efforts for the promotion of inbound travelling products. Fifth, the deterioration in the national image of the country as a result of corruption along with other factors has adversely affected the inbound market. Being the last reason of discussion, the rise of issues related to food security and air pollution since recent years has ended up becoming a cause of concern for foreign visitors and hence, several plans have been cancelled for China.

  On the contrary, China was able to attract 120 million visitors of outbound tourism in the year 2015 as estimated by the China Tourism Research Institute. The spending of tourists was accounted for 104.5 billion US dollars that increased by 16.7 per cent in comparison with the year 2014. The key forces driving this increase and development are rise of personal income, appreciated value of RMB and favorable policies. However, due to the occurrence of earthquakes across Nepal and Indonesia, and in South Korea, the rate of growth for outbound tourism has started to decline gradually.