许多人表达了他们对社会污染水平不断上升的看法。迫切需要改变目前的污染水平。也有充足的研究证据表明,污染正在导致环境的可持续性问题(Twidell, and Weir, 2015)。社会污染水平上升的主要原因是使用传统化石燃料。由于这一点,个别社区受到了大规模的影响。形势的严重性促使各国政府和联合国一起提出了一系列利用替代能源的战略。

根据《世界统计报告》,2014年全球可再生能源产量增长了58.5% (Heubaum, and Biermann, 2015.)。目前,全球能源需求中19.1%由可再生能源提供。根据英国政府的统计,英国的发电量为64561千瓦时。在这项研究中,54%的可再生资源来自风能,21%来自生物能源,水电和太阳能加起来占能源的22% (Heubaum, and Biermann, 2015.)。近年来,各国政府为开发可再生能源作出了许多努力。在这种情况下,人们的意识水平也在不断提高。然而,有一些明显的障碍阻止这些公司大规模利用替代资源。

尽管可再生资源技术有了巨大的发展,但人们发现,全球有300万人死于环境污染。越来越多的人患上了有害健康的疾病。除此之外,生态系统也受到了影响。可再生资源的产出率与污染率不一致(O’neill et al., 2015)。因此,出现了一个问题。



技术的不断发展和汽车的发展主要依赖于传统燃料。这些实体有必要确保它们对可再生资源做出改变(Heubaum, and Biermann, 2015.)。


essay修改 :有效利用替代能源的重要性

A number of people have voiced their views against the rising level of pollution in societies. There is an imperative need to bring change in the current levels of pollution. There has also been ample research evidence that points towards the fact that pollution is causing sustainability issues in the environment (Twidell, and Weir, 2015). Major cause of the rising levels of pollution in societies is the using of conventional fossil fuels. Owing to this, there has been a large scale impact in the individual communities. The gravity of the situation has led the governments across the spectrum along with United Nations to come up with a number of strategies to harness alternative sources of energy.

In the year 2014, according to the world statistic report, it has been found that the worldwide production of the renewable sources was found to increase to 58.5% (Heubaum, and Biermann, 2015.). Currently, for the global requirements, 19.1% of the energy requirements are provided by the renewable energy resources. According to the UK governmental statistic, there is a generation of 64561 GWh of power that has been generated by the country. Of this research, 54% of the renewable resources have been generated from Wind, 21% from bioenergy sources and Hydro and the solar energy sources together accounted for 22% of the energy (Heubaum, and Biermann, 2015.). In recent times, there have been numerous efforts undertaken by individual government to develop renewable resources of energy. In this scenario, it has been found that there is an increasing level of awareness as well. However, there are some obvious barriers that prevent the companies to harness alternative sources in a large scale.
In spite of the tremendous growth of the technology in renewable resources, it has been found that globally 3 million deaths are attributed to environmental pollution. There has been a lot of increase in the number of people developing detrimental health condition. Apart from this, the ecosystem has been affected. The rate of production of the renewable resources is not in line with that of the rate of pollution (O’Neill et al., 2015). Owing to this, a problem arises.
Reason for large scale production of the product to be halted is that the companies do not have the infrastructure to cater to the high requirements of the communities. This is the major problem in alternative energy resources.
Costs involved in the initial set up of the renewable resources are the major problem that impedes the production of renewable energy resources in a large scale. There is also a need for large volumes of supply to ensure that there is enough production to meet the world demands.
There has been a growing technological development and automobile that relies primarily on the conventional fuels. There is a need for these entities to ensure that they make changes towards renewable resources (Heubaum, and Biermann, 2015.).
Pollution is a real issue that is wrecking havoc in the communities. Usage of the fossil fuels has been attributed towards the company in producing high volumes of pollution in societies. This has caused a substantial increase in the levels of environmental pollution. There is a need to develop alternative energy resources. Governments need to sponsor some of these activities, as the initial cost of set is found to be large. Algae, compressed air, flow based batteries, compressed air power and hybrid vehicles are some of the most promising developments. These needs to be expanded in order to tackle with the issue of pollution and shift focus towards the alternative fuel in societies.