Womens studies: Course Project Reflection

In terms of learning in completing the project, I also learned a lot about the pattern of marriage and partner selection in contemporary China. Now I can understand more about the psychology behind this pattern change in partner selection. I come from a conservative background where we believe in some traditional norms and values with respect to marriage. This research however teaches me that women’s psychology with respect to marriage has become more practical and materialistic.

I learnt to use the Penn State Library Database properly. Repeatedly accessing the database on campus and on proxy has taught me how to use them better for my other courses too. I learnt that only when we have a dire need we force ourselves to learn things. Here I had to look up materials so I learnt. It is when doing my research that I became more aware of the portrayal of women in an over-sexualized way. I noticed that there are too many advertisements use women’s body as an object to sell the products. I am also surprised that there are too many young girls that diet or put themselves under the blade to become like the models.  I also learnt that feminism is not just about fighting stereotypical notions. It is a positive reinforcement.