Women’s studies: Course Project Reflection

The project was challenging mainly because of the way that it made us work in phases. Every time the next phase of the project had to be worked on, it was necessary for me to go back and review what I did earlier. While taking different courses, it is easy to get coursework take focus away from what I did earlier in this project. Therefore, every time I needed to refresh and then refocus for the work. It was in refreshing my knowledge of my previous work that I was able to see that there were flaws in my work that had to be corrected. It was easier to use this knowledge in my other course works to see if I keep repeating the same problems. I could find a pattern when I checked two of my works and I am now able to consciously try to avoid these problems.

In a research paper the argument that I was trying to make was that the pattern of mating and marriage in recent China has changed and that women are giving more preference to dating wealthy men. The topic was focused on what Delia (2005) calls ‘the marriage market’. The reason why I found this argument and topic appealing for my work is because this is a growing trend that figures in sociology, which is also my major. In addition, the topic has scope to be developed further. This topic is an interesting one, it is not only related to Women’s Studies but also ties into different social problems like that of gender selective abortions, changing culture and more. I will be able to use research findings for a future paper in my sociology studies.