This product should not be targeted at people with families because it is not very cost affective. Feeding a family single sized portions will cost significantly more than cooking or buying precooked food in bulk. Therefore, smaller packages are not suitable for larger household and for these reasons; they will not buy such products. Furthermore, families want food that will cater to both adults and children. This means that they cannot buy single packaged food items alone, as they are usually meant for adults.
It is clear from how much people spend on food that they prefer convenience if it is not at a very high premium. Singles and married couples without children are the target demographic for single packaged foods because it is worth spending less time making food for the slightly higher price. This means that the perceived value is higher for such products because they save time and effort needed to cook foods bought in bulk. People with families will not buy these products as it does not serve the purpose of providing nourishing food for everybody in the family. For this reason, the perceived value for this demographic is much lower than other available alternatives – causing a reduced number of sales for this market segment.