Secondly, companies invest in creating brand awareness because it also plays a vital role in purchase decision made by the consumer. It is the truth of life that whatever brand the customer is more aware of, the more likely that brand will be purchased (Gustafson & Chabot, 2007).

As mentioned earlier, brand awareness for low-involvement commodity goods is more important as consumers often decide their purchases from their memory. According to a survey, when brand awareness was measured, the top ten brands came out in the low-involvement categories like soaps and detergents and brands with sinking sales invest exceedingly in brand awareness (Daye & Vanauken, 2009).

However, purchasing a product requires more than just brand awareness. The brand should also be positively associated with and customers must have deep emotions regarding the brand for a purchase to occur (Daye & Vanauken, 2009). Otherwise, a brand performing poorly will also have brand awareness but the feelings will be negative.