The product would also be made available in different sizes like the portable ones that comprise of candies, bars for the youth (which they can easily carry to colleges, etc)  and big, king size family packs for the elderly (who consume chocolates on a regular basis). The packaging should be attractive so that it captures the attention of the consumers when it is shelved while at the same time, it should also be eco-friendly so that the company can communicate itself as a responsible citizen of the country. The packaging should be also be colorful and should be such that it assists to preserve the good and fresh quality of the chocolates intact for longer periods of time.


Price: Initially, the market penetration strategy should be applied as the brand needs to enhance its visibility in the marketplace and create a niche for itself in the minds of the consumers amongst the clutter in the marketplace. Accordingly, the products would be priced in line with those of the competing premium brands so that consumers are induced to try the product. Though this would negatively impact profitability initially, it would aid in the development of a loyal consumer base which is the biggest asset of any company. Premium prices can be charged from loyal consumers and thus, the negative profitability would be reversed to high profits in the long run.