The selling skills lead to a total impact of the negotiation process and there lies the importance of the person involved. It should be kept in mind that negotiation is a two way process and there must be something beneficial for both the parties involved. Sales people sell the product to the customer and they get one chance with the customer. It is a situation of make or break for them and the presentation is the buzzword. After all no one is interested in a boring presentation. He should maintain direct contact with the customers, use hand gestures and voice modulation and be thoroughly prepared. There is an ancient saying customers remember sales person more than the product skills and if the sales person involved does not show sound skills in his product no wonder the prospect will forget the information.
These are all the core examples of negotiation and selling in tandem. Now come to the come in question which is Rolls Royce as the company really spends a lot of time and effort in harbouring the negotiation skills as the company believes in setting up goals on a personal level and these goals lead to a situation of self-exercise which all contribute to the overall development and this has been the success story of the company in a big way. Organisations like Rolls Royce have employed cutting edge technology in keeping up the standards of the market and provided the sales team with better standards