personal statement 怎么写:产品报价审核

personal statement 怎么写:产品报价审核


销售他们产品的关键在于产品的耐用性和质量,以及公司的品牌形象。卖家也非常强调设计和图案的多样性,这也是Ted Baker与其他相邻商店的品牌的一个重要区别,Ted Baker可能有更多种类的服装,这让它从其他品牌中脱颖而出。这类服装的种类更加混杂,有些商品是男女合二为一的,这在来店里购物的情侣中具有很大的吸引力。



personal statement 怎么写 :产品报价审核

The product offers were very interesting in the store. Women and men sections had large sections dedicated to them, and all of them had their own offers. The women section had plenty of offers which were attractive at different price points, whereas men also had varied offers but more at higher price points and less at the lower price points.
The key stories while selling their merchandise was about the durability and quality of the product offered and the company’s brand image as a reason to associate with it. The design and patterns variety were also being stressed a lot by the sellers and this was a key differentiator with all other brands in the adjacent stores that Ted Baker had possibly a larger variety of apparels, which made it really stand out from the others. The category of clothes was more mixed in which some offers were a combined offer for men and women and this had a major appeal among couples coming to shop at the store.
The store had a lot of options in the variety and the size, which made its sales zoom faster because good designed clothes in all sizes had a better chance of getting sold faster. The stock layout was somewhat complicated and difficult as they had more displays of accessories at equitable distance which really took a lot of space and seemed to offer obstruction for some when shifting from one section to another. The merchandise on the visual sense was appealing and had been attractive, as it offered a very bright look of its categories and variety, which made the customers spend long hours inside the store. The most organised and more intelligent is the visual merchandising and the store layout the more time the customer will spend inside the store and ultimately will have a greater chance of converting it into god sales and profits (Jackson and Shaw, 2001).
The core merchandise was the mainstream one which was ongoing and considered to be the latest in the offering, the newest to say. These were priced high as it was the core of the fashion mix. The mainstream was larger in area and occupied a lot of area as it had the largest variety of products under its category. Trending clothes were placed at one end and had reasonable pricing on its labels. The key fabric was seen to be cotton of various types and the design was something which was commercial fashion and appealing to the young customers who are fashion conscious. The price architecture was from as low as 30 pounds to about 500-600 pounds on most of the variety and some having a price tag higher than 500. Thus, it had a very good range of price architecture to have the maximum number of affordable customers eyeing luxury clothes to come to the store.