本篇ps代写-菜单设计中的潜在问题讲了当前菜单概念没有一个已定义的受众。它似乎对所有在这里用餐的人开放。重新设计的菜单现在将集中在明确的定义的观众和词的使用,可以连接到客户(Pavesic, 2005)。重新设计的菜单,它可能有两个部门-食品和饮料。食品部分将突出菜肴的名称,并简要介绍其成分和价格。这可以分为沙拉、开胃菜和吸引顾客的周末特餐(Zuckerman, 1988)。酒单可以提供一个时间轴的新酒介绍Brae餐厅的客户。这个设计应该包含颜色和纹理。本篇ps代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Potential issues in menu design

  The menu design is totally monotonous

  For example, there is no design and it is too textual (Kotschevar, 1987). The dining menu has a list of too many vegetables and fruits which anyone would ignore to go through. This design is highly misleading (Lorenzini, 1992).

  The menu lacks information that sells,

  As already mentioned, the menu card is responsible to psychologically attract and retain the customers. Unfortunately, the menu is not convincing and interactive. It sends weird signals that can leave many customers to ignore the content as well as the firm (Lefebvre, 1993). The message displays a commitment but lacks to reflect its potential. For instance, the wine menu shows the detailed list of wines since 1960s that have been arranged in its outlet but is not interesting. It looks like yet another menu and does not display uniqueness.

  It does not have word association (Bowen, 1998)

  So much of information is presented within a small space which shows lack of uniqueness and poor business image in the market (Bowen and Morris, 1995). For instance, the dining menu had too many list of vegetables that appear cumbersome and miss association.

  Alternative menu concept

  The current menu concept does not have a defined audience. It looks like it is open to all who dine in. The menu redesign will now concentrate on clear definition of audience and usage of words that can connect to customers (Pavesic, 2005). Upon redesign of menu, it is likely to have two divisions – food and beverage. The food section will highlight the name of dish along with a brief of its ingredients and the pricing. This can be classified as salads, starters and weekend special to attract customers (Zuckerman, 1988). The wine list can present a timeline of new wines introduced by Brae Restaurant to its customers. This design shall contain colours and textures.