本篇ps代写-美国的税收政策对加拿大的影响讲了经济学家们明确表示,如果加拿大政府不改变税率,那么许多在加拿大经营的企业就会迁往美国。这样一来,新的企业将会在边境南部开始新的业务。这对加拿大的商业产生了不利的影响,影响了新的商业投资。本篇ps代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  If only corporate tax is considered exclusively then Canada has the 3rd lowest rate among all the 35 OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries and the US stands way behind. The US ranks 23rd out of the 35 OECDs member countries when corporate tax at the federal and provincial level are considered. If the new corporate tax policies as suggested by Mr. Trump start prevailing then US will come straight to 12th position from its present 23rd position (Mardel, 2016).

  One of the other features of the tax plan set by Mr. Trump will provide an extra incentive to the corporate by implementing just 10 % of tax on profit recovery. Most of the corporate shielded their profits by moving them abroad which is estimated to an amount of $ 2-3 trillion from the tax department of America (BBC, 2016). The comment of Tim Cook also came to the light because of this article who said that if company moves its profit back to America at the present rate of interest it will cost approximately 40 %. It would lure some of the corporate to enjoy one time discount and some organizations would think of moving their business operation back to the US.

  According to the article the economists made it absolutely clear that if the tax rate is not altered by the Canadian government then it tempts many businesses having operations in Canada to move to the US. It would happen so that new businesses will start their fresh operation in the southern part of the border. This adversely impacts the Canadian business by impairing new business investments.

  Therefore there is a need for Canadian corporate tax and other business policies to reconsider. The Trump government has also insisted for renegotiating the NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) that exist between Canada, Mexico and the US. Donald Trump has urged to cancel it. Canada sends approximately three-fourth of its goods to south as export (BBC, 2016). He blames NAFTA for job losses in the US. However Canada is willing to have discussion before any decision against NAFTA is taken. His election campaign leads the market watcher to come to conclusion that Mr. Trump is willing to have TransCanada Corp to re-apply for fresh allocation (Bedard, 2016). He also made suggestion of removing the US from the WTO (World Trade Organization).