本篇ps代写-人际语法的选择讲了与问句的语音功能相比,陈述句的语音功能在文章中较高。“你也许会认为”是文章中的一句话,它提供了关于思维过程的信息,因此,它是一种给予交换的“信息”形式。同样,考虑一下这句话,“令人惊讶的是,你可以坐在那里,享受阳光和新鲜的空气”。这也是在人际交往中给出的信息,而不是要求的。在“我认为这个改造应该是所有类似改造的总体规划”中也观察到了这种给予风格。本篇ps代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Speech function of statements is high in the passage compared to the Speech Function of Question. “You would perhaps think” is a line from the passage that gives information on thought processes and hence, it is a “information” form of giving exchange. Similarly consider the line, “Amazingly, you can just sit there in the light and fresh air”. This is again information given in the interpersonal exchange and not demanded. The giving style is also observed in “I think this renovation should be the master plan for all similar renovations to come”.

  The Speech Function of Question or the demanding style is absent in the work. “Who would’ve ever thought?” is a line from the passage that sounds like a question demanding information in a standalone context. However, given the background context of the passage, it could be considered more as a rhetoric and in that case, it could be part of the information giving structure in Speech Function of Statement. Some grammatical choices could have made the text more demanding. For example, the author writes about how she was reassured by Welsh when he said, “But don’t you worry about the weather Jenny”. To make it more demanding, the author could have written a question like “what about the weather”, even if she only thought it out in her mind. These forms of little questions could have made the writing more demanding in grammatical style.

  The mood of the clause is more declarative and has some imperatives. Example of the declaratives in the passage is “Australian architects and designers continue to come up with novel ways of converting narrow Victorian houses into comfortable modern homes” and example of the imperative is “But don’t you worry about the weather Jenny”. The use of more declaratives makes the passage more of an informational one, and connects to the logos of persuasion than the pathos.

  There are many complex clauses in the work and sentences appear to ramble on and on. Exclamatory sentences are shorter and are present for emphasis. The grammar is more simplex and not complex but there are large nominal groups connected by “is” such as “In addition, they’ve inserted into the building’s core a lightwell that can take advantage of the amenable months when Sydney’s weather is wonderful”. There is a limited use of independent clauses, since the work is constructed of many complex clauses. The genre of writing is more like an expose on what was being done to the old building by the innovative architect.