research paper 代写:领导者的愿景

research paper 代写 :领导者的愿景

另一个重要的领导特质是远见卓识。很多人认为,如果没有良好的远见卓识,就不可能成为一个团队或公司的真正领导者。领导者的远见卓识是极其重要的,因为它让人们有奋斗的目标,也让人们对组织从现在到未来的转变有一个很好的看法。与他人、团队或管理者分享你的愿景是领导力的一个重要方面。通过与你的团队分享你的愿景,你将让他们知道他们有一个经理,他不仅考虑他们的未来,也考虑组织的未来(Chaudhry & Javed, 2012)。





领导力的另一个重要方面是更有洞察力,了解团队的需求和需要,因为有些团队更看重信任而不是创造力,而另一些团队则更喜欢一个清晰的沟通者作为一个伟大的领导者。因此,当你知道每个人的价值和目标,以及他们需要你作为他们的领导者做什么时,建立一个强大的团队就会变得更容易。诚实也是一个领导者非常重要的品质,因为无论你坚持什么道德标准,当你负责一个团队的时候,把水平提高到更高也是很重要的。你的企业和员工是你自己的反映,如果你把诚实和道德的行为作为你的组织的一个关键价值,那么你的团队将遵循同样的程序,从而对组织的成功产生影响(Charry, 2012)。

research paper 代写:领导者的愿景

Another important leadership trait is vision and it argued by many that it is impossible to be a true leader of a group or a company without having a sense of good vision. A leader’s vision is extremely important, because it gives people something to strive towards and also a good view about the transition of the present into the future of the organization. Sharing your vision with others the team or thesuperiors is an important aspect of leadership. By sharing your vision with your team you will let them know that they have a manager who is thinking of the organization’s future as well as theirs (Chaudhry & Javed, 2012).
Another very important aspect of leadership skills is to have confidence in oneself that comes along with both positive thinking and by the process of hoe you formulate your vision. Hence to build your self –confidence, a leader must make a list of the assets and the past successes of the organization. Some of these assets however involve the ability to communicate well with others, education, specialized training and also having a great sense of humour.
However, effective leaders know the organization’s overall purpose and goals and the various strategies to achieve these goals. They also know how their team fits into the big picture, and the part they play in helping the organization grow and thrive. Therefore, in order to be an effective leader one has to have full knowledge and information about the organization.
Know the team
Another important aspect in leadership is to be more perceptive and knowing the needs and wants of the team, because some teams value trust over creativity while others prefer a clear communicator as a great leader. Hence, building a strong team is easier when you know the values and goals of each individual as well as what they need from you as their leader. Honesty is also a very vital trait in a leader, because whatever ethical plane you hold yourself to, when you are responsible for a team of people and it is also important to raise the levels even higher. Your business and its employees are a reflection of yourself and if you make honest and ethical behaviour a key value of your organization, then your team will follow the same procedure thereby making a difference in the success of the organization (Charry, 2012).