research paper 代写-水安全研究

  本篇research paper 代写-水安全研究讲了为了满足当前和未来的需求,水的质量是非常重要的。以可持续的方式使用水是当前维护水安全、保护重要的水自然资源的需要。从临时循环图可以看出,需求和供应战略的结合将能够解决水安全方面不断下降的问题。适当的教育计划和政府政策将有助于减少人均用水量,并在需求战略方面尽量减少水的污染。通过考虑供应策略,再利用和循环利用技术将有助于在特定水平上对水进行净化,认为处理后的水更可靠,并为水提供更多的供应选择。此外,本报告还指出,由于知识差距和简化复杂问题而造成的水安全成本或技术方面的限制。因此,要开展有效的水安全研究,还需要更多的研究。本篇research paper 代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。


  In this report, the different factors which are affecting the water security have been identified. The casual relations among the different variables have been described using the casual loop diagrams. The main variables which have been identified for the water security includes climate change, social development and population growth (Bala et al 2017, pp. 37-51). The intermediate variables are also analysed by the possible effects from the water security. The factor of water quality has been examined in order to simplify all water issues. Further, the dynamics for the entire system using the feedbacks or casual links are described using the casual loop diagram.

  Water security

  Casual Loop Diagram (water quality)


  From the report, it is concluded that quality of water is significant in order to satisfy the current and future wants or needs. The use of water in sustainable manner is the need of present time in order to maintain security of water and protect important natural resources of water. From the casual loop diagram, it has been identified that combined demand and supply strategies will be able to resolve falling problems of water security. The appropriate education programs and government policies will help to reduce consumption of per capital basis and also minimise contamination of water in terms of demand strategies. By considering supply strategies, reuse and recycling technology will help to purify water at specific level where water after treatment considered more reliable and provide more supply alternatives for the water. Further, limitations in terms of costs or technologies for water security because of knowledge gap and problems to simplify complex issue are also identified in this report. Therefore, it will require more researches in order to deliver efficient studies related to water security.