research paper 代写:有关捕杀鲨鱼的讨论分析

research paper 代写:有关捕杀鲨鱼的讨论分析


目前,捕杀鲨鱼是同类动物中捕杀率最高的。扑杀是指大规模屠杀任何一种“野生”动物,以减少它们的数量,或保护因这些动物而生活在危险中的人们。最近,西澳大利亚州也因为同样的原因开始捕杀鲨鱼,因为人们认为这些鲨鱼会危害游泳者和冲浪者。该公司已在该项目上投资约635万美元,该项目旨在淘汰鲨鱼。需要了解的是,在过去的215年里,澳大利亚只报告了18例与鲨鱼有关的死亡,315例死于溺水,而694例死于车祸。考虑到这些数字,可以清楚地说,被鲨鱼咬伤的几率明显低于2.64亿分之一(Williams, 2007)。因此,这一结论表明,在西澳大利亚捕杀鲨鱼是一种道德恐慌的迹象吗?

几年前人们不像现在这样受教育。早期人们把鲨鱼看作是威胁,现在人们把它看作是自然的一部分,它必须共存,以维持所有生物所需要的平衡和链条的生存。因此,一位专家引用道:“如果我们能把人送上月球,我们当然能确定一种方法来确保鲨鱼和人类能在鲨鱼的领地和平共处。”像南非的鲨鱼观测者这样的项目证明,除了鲨鱼网之外,还有其他可行的选择,而且教育和意识也大有帮助”(Wexo, 1989)。

research paper 代写 :有关捕杀鲨鱼的讨论分析

Globally there are a number of problems which have been circulating raising an alarm within the population of people and animals alive. There are habitats which are being destroyed and there are animals and their habitats which are being destroyed solely for the purpose of fulfilment of human greed. One of the clearest examples of such killing is the culling of sharks on the coasts of Western Australia. In order to understand this better one should know what exactly is shark culling.
Shark culling is currently the highest killing of any animal of its type. Culling refers to a mass slaughter of any kind of a ‘wild’ animal’ to reduce their population or to protect the people who live in danger because of such animals. In recent times Western Australia has taken to shark culling for the same reason because it is believed that these sharks endanger the swimmers and the surfers. It has invested about $6.35 million in the project which has been promoted for culling of sharks. It needs to be understood that in the past 215 years of Australia only 18 shark-related fatalities have been reported, 315 died from drowning whereas 694 died in car accidents. Taking the numbers in account it can clearly be said that the chances of getting bitten by a shark are clearly less than 1 in 264 million (Williams, 2007). Thus what does this concludes is the culling of shark in Western Australia a sign of moral panic?
Years back people were not as educated as they are now. Earlier people knew sharks as threats, now people know it as a part of nature which has to co-exist in order to maintain the balance and the survival of the chains which is required for all the beings. Thus an expert quotes “If we can put a man on the moon, we certainly can determine a method to ensure sharks and humans can peacefully coexist in the shark’s domain. Programs like the Shark Spotters in South Africa prove that there are viable alternatives to shark nets and also education and awareness go far” (Wexo, 1989).