新西兰代写-Ted Baker’s luxury brand

新西兰代写-Ted Baker’s luxury brand。特德·贝克的在线销售网站提供的价格较低,以满足市场的零星需求。该品牌网站是简单的,有吸引力,和吸引力,因为它的设计是通过场合购物。这使得购买者更容易根据购买产品的场合购物和寻找产品。该网站有很大的男性和女性版块,他们有多种产品可供选择。该网站的设计更多的是为了给一个更美观的外观和吸引力,并启动了商业时尚买家的兴趣。该网站还通过在线销售销售优质产品,并将其交付给客户。它的白色背景设计得很好,使它的外观非常简单,顾客往往更关注衣服,不强调他的眼睛。

现在很自然,该品牌必须承认,它需要平衡其平价奢侈品牌的标签,并通过与更有经验的设计师合作,提供一些突破性的设计和模式,这些设计师了解Ted Baker的精神、内部规范和品味。

设计师的扩张是一种非常聪明的方式来扩大其产品,并制定一个目标,争取每年的小市场份额(Corbellini和Saviolo, 2009)。




客户的期望总是不断变化的,这取决于更大的市场及其吸引力和不断变化的需求。新设计的发明和新趋势的设定也会引发一种新的设计和模式文化,然后需要被Ted Baker和所有其他品牌所采用。

特德•贝克(Ted Baker)处于有利地位,可以进入更大的奢侈品市场,因为该公司的销售额不断增长,表明其在各大洲和国家的广泛接受程度。销售额一直在不断的增长,这对于该品牌来说是一个很好的机会,随着目前店铺的存在和未来的扩张,该品牌可以有更大的飞跃,开始设计更多的奢侈品,为其开拓市场。该品牌正在追赶其他竞争对手,被认为是平价奢侈品市场的前三或前五名。该品牌目前成功地满足了客户的需求,因为它能够了解客户的需求,并将其投放到他们的商店中。这种理解趋势和客户期望的能力是最重要的,必须紧紧抓住并随着it经历的每一次失败而改进。

新西兰代写 -Ted Baker’s luxury brand。 The online selling website of Ted Baker has offered less in keeping with the sporadic demand in the market. The brand website is simple, attractive, and appealing as it is designed to shop through occasion. This makes it so easier for the purchaser to shop and look for products according to the occasion for which the product is to be bought. The website has large sections for men and women and they have multiple choices of products. The website is more designed to give a more aesthetic look and appeal and embarks an interest among buyers of commercial fashion. The website sells premium products also through online sales and delivers it to the customers. It is well designed with a white background, making it very simple in its looks and the customer tends to focus more on the clothes and does not stresses his eyes.
It is natural now that the brand must accept that it needs to balance its affordable luxury tag and also offer some breakthrough designs and patters by engaging with more experienced designers who understand the ethos and the internal specification and taste of Ted Baker.
Expansion of designers is a very smart way of expanding its offerings and make a goal of capturing small market share every year (Corbellini and Saviolo, 2009).
It must not lose the balance between its affordable luxury tag and the brand equity of offering luxury products in important cities.
With the present affordable luxury, it is easier for them to indulge into premium luxury products in a small way and then slowly expanding in accordance of the acceptance and the market response.
The brand can also open a subsidiary and a different brand offering luxury products, and launch it in the most promising countries to see the response.
Customer expectations always keep on changing and it depends on the larger market and its appeals and changing requirements. The invention of new designs and setting of new trends also spark a new design and pattern culture which then needs to be adopted by Ted Baker and all other brands.
Ted Baker is placed well to leap into the larger league of luxury products as it has seen increasing sales indicating its wide acceptance across continents and countries. The sales have been constantly increasing, which indicates a good opportunity for the brand to take the larger leap and start designing more luxury products and develop a market for it along with its current store presence and future expansion. The brand is catching up with other competitors and is considered to be in the top three or five of the affordable luxury segment. The brand is currently successful in meeting its customer’s demands as it is just able to understand their customers demand and put them in their stores. This ability of understanding trends and customer expectations is the most important one and must be held tight and improved with every failure that it experiences.

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