本篇essay代写-风险暴露计算器讲了房地产百万富翁是一个快速增长的投资研讨会公司,该公司在其头两年能够看到一个可观的销售改善,这导致了研讨会销售的增加以及。在这一点上,房地产百万富翁开始认识到扩大员工规模的必要性。任何时候,只要一个组织有成长和发展,就需要扩充工作人员,就应充分规划工作人员的培训、征聘和管理。风险暴露计算器有助于评估同样的结果。本篇essay代写文章由新西兰第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Property Millionaires is a rapidly growing investments seminar company and the company in its first two years was able to see a considerable sales improvement and this led to increased seminar sales as well. Now at this point, the need for staff expansions came to be recognized by Property Millionaires. Any time when there is growth and development in an organization then there is need for staff expansions, it should such that the staff training recruitment and management is planned for adequately. The risk exposure calculator helps assess the same.

  Pressure Points and Risk Exposure

  Risk Exposure calculator as presented by Robert Simmons (1999) is used here. The risk pressure points that are observed in an organization are understand as the risk points of an organization. Some of them lead to increased levels of risks. In the context of expansions for instance, there is increased risk because of internal recruitment, training and competition. As Simmons (1999) holds, “Depending on a company’s circumstances and management style, the amount of pressure on each point can be low or high. A uniformly low score on these pressure points, it should be noted again, isn’t necessarily a virtue. Remember that nothing ventured is nothing gained. But too high a score on too many pressure points can be a strong signal that a company is exposed to dangerous levels of risk. Remedial action may be necessary—and fast” (Simmons, 1999, para. 5).