Traditional Chinese Medicine

The traditional Chinese medicine can be defined as a vast range of medicinal practices which share common concepts that have been developed in China. These concepts are based on a tradition that is more than 2000 years old. Herbal medicine, massage, acupuncture, dietary therapy, exercise are the various forms included in it. Medical culture started at first in few countries about 5000 years ago, China was one of them. The Chinese medication takes a far different approach in comparison with the western method. Its history can be traced back millions of years through archaeological excavations. Primitive people used to spend most of their times on basic survival like building shelters, locating and preparing plants for food, hunting and defending themselves. And over time they discovered most of the local plants used for different purposes like those that had medicinal values, those that were poisonous, those that made good food and those that were useful for building. Fire played a vital role in their lives as a source of light, fuel and warmth. They also discovered the healing powers of heat for cold and damp ailments such as arthritis. Heat provides immediate relief for arthritis. The therapeutic application of heat treated various ailments; this was the origin of the art of moxibustion.