中国餐饮业的企业已经树立了自己的品牌,提供独特的菜肴,融入了独特的烹饪技巧。这些都是国际营销和战略的资源和商标(Morgan & McLeod 2006)。


assignment代写 :中国餐饮市场分析

There is enormous upgrading and transformation going on the China’s catering market. The new trend that emerges in China includes mass dining. The marketing strategies of the new and upcoming catering companies include the offering of wedding banquets and experience dining as the part of their service portfolio. Some catering companies have lowered the operating cost by upgrading of the central kitchen. The O2O in China has led many restaurants engaging customers with mobile apps. There is enough support obtained from the government of China regarding the mass catering. There is increase of 16 percent annual rate by the government in the period of 2011 and 2015. As a result of this, this sector reached as of the end of 2015, to 3.7 trillion Yuan.
The demand grows for the catering industry in China, as many people started visiting eateries, tea houses, pubs and restaurants for gathering with friends and everyday meal. These lifestyle changes have catalyzed the developing of the catering services. Another reason for the development of the catering services in China is increase in the middle income household’s spending power. The middle income population of China includes in their leisure activities, the eating outs on the holidays and over the weekends. Some of the key selling points of the catering business are upcoming restaurants and catering services and the rapid urbanization.
The enterprises of the catering industry in China has branded themselves, offered unique dishes, incorporated cooking skills that re exclusive. These are all resources and trademark of international marketing and strategies (Morgan & McLeod 2006).
There is rapid growth, currently, in the catering industry of China. As per some estimates, the growth of the catering industry in China is 10 percentage points more compared to China’s other industries. There are signs at galore that a rapid development of this industry will continue with a large potential of this sector.