哥公司应该分析7 p和其他产品和服务的优势和弱点。公司的内部和外部的力量和弱点也依赖于同一行业的竞争对手。
COSTA Company should have analysis for its 7P’s and other products and services based strength and weakness. The internal and external strength and weaknesses of the company also depend on the competitors in the same industry.
COSTA is very demanding brand in Coffee chain industry and it is a part of Fastest growing Industry Whitbread which have its Global presence. COSTA has larger number of outlets and stores worldwide with having diverse products and services categories. The team of COSTA is highly skills and on each production center 3 Italian masters are there. The prices are also too less in comparison to STARBUCKS, CAFEE NERO etc. COSTA is very reputed brand among its customers.

The typical weakness for COSTA is not have large number of productions houses and thus cause the little bit increase in price and lose the customers but other competitors have more productions houses so price is comparable less than COSTA. The company has weak control over its COSTA Brand instead of high end IT technologies advantages. Buying the COSTA coffee is not flexible for large segment of the customers and in many countries.
Because COSTA is a famous coffee brand among the customers so there are chances of increasing the reach to the many countries. Currently the company has access to 28 countries which can be increased up to 3 times. COSTA brand can also produce other more different COSTA products.

As due to number of competitors outside in the world the Company has chances to lose the customers if the market strategies are not appropriate and price is higher than other competitors like CAFEE NERO or STARBUCKS etc.There’re possibilities for the brand to be exposed to political problems in areas where the company has branches. The chances of changing market due to new technologies, and challenges to beat newcomers in the market like McDonalds etc. are high.