Hseieh (2008) mentions that when the enemy troops in the neighbourhood town rebel against the city where the monastery is situated, Zhang skilfully protects the widow Cui and her people by keeping the guards surrounding the compound through his alliance with the influential people of the city. The widow sends her daughter Yingying to Zhang for expressing their thankful gesture, and gratitude for taking care of the family’s security. But Yingying presents herself in an untidy appearance and childish, sulky, rude and impolite manner in front of him. Yet he gets mesmerized by her beauty, charm, glory and her appealing attitude which was very different from the other young women to whom his cohorts get attracted. Yingying initially rejects his advances towards her which implies that she was hesitant and reluctant initially. This portion asserts that Zhang was only infatuated towards Yingying at few occasions but may have decided to severe all the relationships once he had realized that taking advantage of a fatherless daughter is not righteous thing to do. Also the fact that they are distant maternal cousins, could have posed as a non-virtuous, indecent and sinful demeanour to him from the social perspective. Hence Zhang must have refrained to continue their affair that they developed later.